Between lava flows and beech forest: the eruption of 1981 and Monte Spagnolo

The objective of this itinerary is to reach the lava flow of 1981, walking along a forest track, which alternates the shadow and the silence of the forest with a view of the long lava flow that extends up the valley of the river Alcantara.  Through a centuries-old beech forest, considered one of the greatest natural jewels present in the Etna Park, we arrive near the shelter of Monte Spagnolo. On the way we will find “hornitos” (welded cinder cones) and the remains of charred trees.  The descent to the Cisternazza, ancient cistern used to collect rainwater, will allow us to return to the starting point, from which we proceed to the nearby medieval town of Randazzo to taste some wine in an old vineyard and enjoy the view of the Etna and the Alcantara River.

  • Etna Nord
  • Faggeta Etna Nord
  • Bottoniera 1923 Etna Nord
  • Cisterna Acqua Etna Nord
  • Bottoniera 1923 Etna Nord
  • Lava Eruzione 1923 Pineta Etna
  • Rifugio Monte Spagnolo Etna