Aeolian Islands walks

If you have three or four days we can take a tour through the volcanic archipelago where sea, wind and volcanoes dominate the landscape.We will develop an itinerary depending on your interests, the time you have, and the weather, so you can enjoy some of the islands, each of which has its own personality.

Lipari: the biggest and most fertile (from the latin Lipara). We will walk along the white pumice stone and the black obsidian and/or we can enjoy the view over the islands from the top of a mountain.

Vulcano: climbing up the slope of the volcano walking over the sulphur deposits and fumaroles is a unique experience.  We will also take time to bathe in the healing mud pool or in the clean waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Panarea: we will walk across the oldest island discovering its history through a visit to a fifteenth century BC village.

Salina: we will climb up in the shadow of the nature reserve forest to reach the highest peak of the island, where you can enjoy the view of the entire archipelago.

Stromboli: a truly unforgettable experience is to climb to the Stromboli peak.  The vision of the volcano, which is in constant activity, creates a visceral connection with Mother Earth.  An alternative is to walk through the Sciara del Fuoco, the valley where the lava flow meets the sea.