Baroque Sicily & Walks


Day 1: Siracusa Upon your arrival at Catania Airport I will be waiting to escort you to Siracusa.

Day 2: Siracusa: Today we will spend the day in Siracusa on the island of Ortigia where the most significant Siracusano – Baroque buildings are located.

Day 3: Pantalica We will spend the day in the natural reserve of Pantalica where there is a huge collection of rock-cut chamber tombs dating from the 13th to the 7th centuries B.C. as well as classic Sicilian limestone scenery with two active rivers.

Day 4: Noto Famous for its Baroque architecture, including its fine early 18th century buildings. We will also walk through the coastal natural reserve of Vendicari where there are lagoons rich in bird life. There are also the remains of an old tonnara (tuna processing plant).

Day 5: Ibla The older town of Ragusa which was built on a wide limestone hill between two deep valleys.

Day 6: Ragusa – towards the coast We will take a tour of Modica, built in the middle of a valley and where the famous Modican chocolate is produced.

Day 7: Piazza Armerina We will visit Villa Romana del Casale and see its famous mosaics.

If you wish to receive the full programme and further details please write to us at:

  • Ragusa Ibla Cattedrale San Giorgio
  • Siracusa Cattedrale
  • Caltagirone Ceramica Scala
  • Tonnara Vendicari
  • Scicli
  • Cala Mosche Vendicari Riserva
  • Siracusa Tempio Apollo
  • Pantalica Calcinara Anapo
  • Teatro Greco Siracusa
  • Vendicari Cala
  • Modica San Giorgio
  • Mosaici Piazza Armerina Villa Romana
  • Noto Barocco
  • Noto Barroco
  • Ibla Ragusa