Monti Sartorius and Piano Provenzana

The “bottoniera” of Monti Sartorius, a series of small volcanic cones opened from a fracture, can be explored through some trails from which it is possible to see the north face of Etna, the Ionian coast and the area affected by the eruption of 2002. This trail will be especially appreciated by those passionate about plants, and it is characterized by the presence of birch and pine trees, intense green bushes and native flowers. The path will take us through the “Quarantore”, a seasonal stream that culminates in Piano Provenzana.

  • Torrente Quarantore Etna Nord
  • Piano Provenzana Etna Nord Lava Eruzione 2002
  • Betulla Etna Nord
  • Sartorius Bottoniera Crateri Etna Nord
  • Betulle Etna Nord Alberi
  • Monte Frumento delle Concazze Cratere Etna Nord