Hemos tenido el placer de pasar unos días en las islas eolias y en el Etna, disfrutando de unos paisajes maravillosos de la mano de Salvatore, que une a sus grandes conocimientos de vulcanología y del territorio en general, un trato y una amabilidad exquisita. Tenerlo como guía ha sido un lujo. Tere y Manolo (Barcelona, Spain)

Vam estar a Sicilia la Setmana Santa del 2013 . Va ser un viatge curt pero molt interessant, i ens ha quedat moltes ganes de tornar-hi. Va ser un plaer tenir un guia com el TURI , que ens va fer gaudir la illa en tots els sentits ( cultural , geològic , vulcanològic, treking , gastronòmic , …). Persona comunicativa, afable, pendent en tot moment del grup i que ens ha potenciat les ganes de tornar a Sicília durant mes dies. Ma Victoria Solà i Rafel Marti – Tarragona

AMAZING…..!!! Loved every second of this trip – fantastic group, great walking, spectacular volcanoes, brilliant guide, lots of laughs. Everything you could possibly want from a holiday. Salvatore was fantastic. I cannot speak highly enough of him, great guide, great knowledge, humorous, happy. Would recommend him to anyone. I bet there are few better. Top man. Marc Stamford UK

Awesome trip – well organised from the first day to the last, so many great memories and a fantastic group of people to spend it with. Sicily is amazing!! Salvatore was a great guide, very knowledgeable about Catania and the islands we visited and everything was done with good humour and a relaxed attitude. Sean Streets UK

Our guide, Salvatore, ensured our safety and enjoyment with expertise. He achieved the right combination of leadership, good humour and knowledge. The Volcanoes trek was an unforgettable experience. I think we all liked him very much. Paul Gilliver UK

He was superb. He knew his stuff and was passionate about his country. His local knowledge was used to help the group get the best out of the trip by sourcing typical Sicilian cuisine, recommending superb wines, pointing out geological, historical and cultural aspects of the area. He was well organised and attentive to the group and its dynamics. Mike & Valerie Perry UK

Salvatore was great, good sense of humour relaxed and willing to accomodate group and individual wishes. Really enjoyed this trip, lots of variety from chaotic Catania to the tranquility and clear blue seas of the volcanic islands and the mars scape at the top of Etna. David Curtis, WA – AUS

Professional, well organized and personable, Turi is the ultimate adventure guide. We traveled with Turi in southern Italy, including the volcanic islands of Stromboli and Volcano as well as the slopes of Mt. Etna. He knew the terrain and had the contacts to assure we had an exceptionally good tour. He carefully matched our abilities and interests to craft an ultimate experience. We have taken a number of “adventure tours” in South and North America, France, Spain and Ireland. Turi is, by far, the best guide we have ever had and we look forward to doing more tours with him. Ed & Lynnae Ruttledge Vancouver, Washington USA

We can’t say enough about how we had such an outstanding time in Sicilia. It’s hard to pin it down to the one thing that we enjoyed most but I can tell you that we plan to come back someday. Matthew & Melodie – Seattle, USA

Salvatore guided us to some old lava tubes and we could climb inside to see the black walls of “frozen” and very sharp-edged lava rocks. We also walked among strange vegetation typical for this very dry area. The view on the top was impressing. The Ätna was active on this day showing black and grey clouds from volcano eruptions. He explained us a lot about the geological history of the volcano, about its vegetation and its significance for tourism, scientific work and agriculture (e.g. Ätna wine). Konrad, Gerlinde – Herrenberg, Germany

I never will forget our exciting Sicily-tour and, specially, the Ätna-tour together with you. Thank you once more for this very interesting hike. The climbing tour to the Stromboli summit was fantastic as well. We saw the evening sun in yellow and red colours disappearing behind large volcano clouds and observed several eruptions in the dark. Elli – Dürrn, Germany

Trekking up the Sicilian volcanoes is an experience you don’t want to miss. As you hike up you witness the power that lies within all around you; the fumaroles on Vulcano, the explosions on Stromboli and the lava rock on Etna – all set against the beautiful blue sea and the sun. Turi is an excellent guide who shares his in-depth knowledge of it all and ensures you’ll have the best trip possible. Anna – Toronto, Canada