Monte Nero and Timpa Rossa

This path will lead us to discover the Northeast side of Mount Etna, the less explored. It is one of my favourites for its variety and because you can still walk in peace and quietness. We meet in Linguaglossa for coffee and then we move to Piano Provenzana (1800 m), where we will begin to walk down a path that was partially covered by lava in the 2002 eruption. We walk towards the area of the eruption through a path where we can observe the layering of lava flows up to the 1923 fracture. There we will find some volcanic bombs and indigeneous flowers. The landscape changes completely when we pass through a beech forest, where we will stop. We go back using a different path, so as to explore other aspects of the park. We end the day at a gelateria or having a glass wine at a nearby vineyard.

  • Monte Nero Etna Nord Escursioni
  • Rifugio Faggeta Etna Nord Timparossa
  • Etna Cratere Eruzione Bottoniera 2002
  • Faggeta Etna Nord Timparossa
  • Bottoniera Etna Nord 1923 Lava
  • Monte Nero Etna Nord Escursioni